Three Myths about Winter Structure Maintenance

McGill Restoration Winter Work

Like the ghost of Christmas past, the winter months are stressful for commercial property and facility managers. Winter’s cycle of freeze-thaw-freeze-repeat weakens masonry, causing leaks and structural damage. Don’t wait for warmer weather when you see water stains, crumbling concrete, or other signs that your commercial building needs repair. 

Let McGill Restoration’s masonry specialists help you prepare and repair your commercial building today and all winter long. 

Is your structure ready for winter? Download our free checklist now! 

The Truth About Winter Property Repair

There are three myths about winter structure repairs:

  1. You cannot perform masonry repairs in the winter.
  2. It’s too expensive to repair your building in the winter.
  3. It takes longer for repairs in the winter.

As experts in both masonry and winter weather, we assure you that it’s not only doable but more profitable for you when you fix those problems today. 

We Use Specially Designed Products for Winter Masonry Repairs

Most of our winter masonry focuses on repairing and replacing exterior control joints for concrete, precast, and brick structures. Freezing nights and warmer daytime temperatures cause concrete and masonry to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction can cause cracking, leaking, and potentially dangerous issues. 

McGill Restoration uses high-quality products that are designed specifically for cold weather. 

It’s Less Expensive to Repair in Winter

Spring, summer, and fall are busy seasons for construction and restoration. Demand for material and labor is higher in warmer weather. In winter, however, the construction industry slows. Because of this seasonal shift, we can pass off-season savings onto our clients for winter repairs. 

Winter Repairs Offer Shorter Lead Times, Faster Results

Our winter lead time is shorter, with as little as 24 hours between when you call and when we arrive on-site. Unlike other restoration companies, McGill Restoration is committed to keeping our dedicated, highly trained workers on staff year-round. You get an entire crew who are 100 percent committed to completing winter repairs with the highest level of quality and satisfaction. 

Checklist: Is Your Building Ready for Winter?

Property managers worry about wintertime leaking, buckling, and crumbling due to extreme temperatures and moisture. Most leaks occur at windows or where two different materials connect – such as brick that touches metal or wood next to concrete. These joints and seams need pliable but sturdy material to protect your building’s structural integrity. 

Use our downloadable checklist to make sure your structure is ready for winter.

Cold Weather Repairs for a Win-Win Winter

Delaying masonry repairs for warmer weather can be an expensive decision. Once masonry erodes and crumbles, sleet, snow, and rain seep down your exterior walls and into your building’s interior and structure. When that happens, you’re looking at considerable expense, not to mention disruption and downtime for the building owner, operator, and occupants.

You don’t have to repeat last winter’s leaks and problems. Let McGill Restoration use our cold weather application materials to fix your building today and all winter long.


  • Save money 
  • Save time
  • Protect your property from extensive damage


  • Maintain safety & beauty 
  • Avoid potential hazards and disruptions 
  • Keep tenants or occupants happy

McGill Restoration also wins; we gain another valuable client!

How McGill Restoration Can Help

McGill Restoration wants to relieve your stress about cold weather structure maintenance. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to wait until Spring to replace leaking control joints, bolster concrete columns, and all the other items on your to-do list. 

We use durable products that withstand even the fiercest Nebraska winter weather. Our highly trained masonry experts help you stay open and operational 365 days a year. And because winter is traditionally our slow season, you save money while enjoying a quick turnaround on repairs. 

We build, refurb, and restore:

  • Industrial, commercial, education, and healthcare buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Stadiums
  • Water treatment plants
  • Bridges, roads, and infrastructure
  • Other physical assets

Don’t spend another winter worrying about leaks and cracks. McGill Restoration helps make sure your commercial property is protected from fluctuating temperatures, snow, sleet, and ice. We can’t make winter shorter, but as your restoration partner, we make your job easier.

Tired of fielding complaints about your deteriorating structure but don’t know where to begin to fix it?

We can help.