Winter’s Toll on Exposed Surfaces

Here in Omaha, spring has finally sprung. That means baseball games, picnics, and driving with the windows down. It also means that it’s time to get serious about spring cleaning. Around the house, you might be tearing weeds out of the garden or doing a deep clean of your carpet and floors. Here at McGill Restoration, we’re also neck-deep in a variety of spring cleaning projects. In this blog, we’ll highlight the importance of spring cleaning, not just for your home, but for the parking structures, stadiums, and other commercial buildings that we service every spring.

Unless your car slams down into a pothole on your way home, you may not think about how city governments and businesses maintain their infrastructure all that often. But the truth is that spring is an essential time for cities like Omaha to make sure they are paying attention to their critical pieces of infrastructure like roads, bridges, and parking structures. Without thorough, professional maintenance carried out annually, these structures start to deteriorate much quicker, causing safety concerns for the public and eventually costing the city or business an arm and a leg to replace.

The hard midwest winter weather takes a toll. For any surface that is exposed, a combination of elements serves up a real test of endurance come winter. On top of regular wear and tear caused by movement of people, cars, and trucks, concrete surfaces are met with harsh de-icing chemicals and are exposed to repeated freeze and thaw cycles that cause cracks to form and quickly worsen.

If you’re concerned about a property you own or manage, we encourage you to plan your inspection early. This is our busiest time of the year for this type of work and our schedule fills up quickly. One thing that can be done to help keep these problems from spreading more quickly is washing and flushing the parking garage decks. Washing and flushing the exposed surfaces after the risk of freezing weather has dissipated is a smart idea for promoting the longevity of the structure. It also makes the next step of the process quite a bit easier. Once the surface has been adequately cleaned, our experts can begin to assess what kind of action will be recommended.

McGill Restoration is proud to be the company that is trusted to restore and protect many of the structures, roads, and bridges in Omaha and across the midwest. Want to learn more about our services and process? Click here. Have a structure that might be in need of attention? We’d be happy to come out and have a look. Get in touch with us here.

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