We even restorecareers.

If “same sh*t, different day” is your canned answer whenever someone asks you about your day at work, we need to talk. At McGill, we do work that’s not only meaningful, but will challenge and grow your skill set day in and day out. So, if you want to surround yourself with genuine craftsmen who love what they do, drop us a line and join our team.

The McGill Way.

We build relationships through craftsmanship.
These are the rules we live by:

We own it.
The answer to almost every question is: think like an owner. We know that loyalty is earned. And, it’s also reciprocal. We are responsible, accountable, and empowered.
We invest in learning.
We value knowledge and experience. Each day, we push ourselves and the company forward. We ask questions. We listen. We teach each other. We seek to grow.
We make stuff happen.
We have a predisposition to action. We take pride in a job well done, because our customers count on the strength and quality of our work product.
We take chances.
We ask “why not” instead of “why?” If there’s not a way, we will find or build one. We are not afraid of failure. Doing exceptional work isn’t easy and often involves risk.
We do the right thing.
We tell the truth. We admit our mistakes. We learn from them. And we do more than asked.
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Join our team.

We’re always looking to reinforce our team with passionate and talented craftsmen. So, if you love great benefits and competitive pay, then drop us a line and let’s set up an interview.

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