The McGill Way.

Our company’s culture is a set of norms and practices, a feeling, a personality. It’s a way of life, both on and off the job. The McGill Way is the way we describe our family and our customers, the way we do business, and the way we act each day. Great teams are rare and no one person is more valuable than the whole. We hire for fit. And we fire for absence of it.



Our secret sauce is execution. The recipe for which is:

This is our company culture. And these are the rules we live by: WE RIGOROUSLY DEFEND THE HEALTH OF OUR ORGANIZATION. The answer to almost every question is; Think like an owner. We know that loyalty is earned. And, it’s also reciprocal. We are responsible, accountable, and empowered. WE DO THE RIGHT THING. We tell the truth. We admit our mistakes. We learn from them. And we do more than asked. WE STRIVE TO BE BETTER TOMORROW THAN WE ARE TODAY. We value knowledge and experience. We push ourselves, each other, and the company forward. We ask questions. We listen. We teach each other. We seek to grow. WE MAKE STUFF HAPPEN. We have a predisposition to action. We take pride in a job well done, because our customers count on the strength and quality of our work product. WE SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Trust comes from having each other’s back, every time. We are reliable. We are supportive. We are builders, and nothing that endures is ever built alone.

Come join our team of experts.