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In 1985, Tim McGill Sr. was working for his father’s painting business, Frank McGill, Inc. Tim saw opportunities in other sectors outside of commercial painting and decided to branch off from his father and start McGill Restoration.

As the premier commercial historic preservation company in Omaha, our masons have trained extensively in this art and have the working knowledge to provide guidance on multiple repair methods. McGill Restoration has been involved in some of the largest historical building restorations in Omaha, like:

  • Complete exterior rehab of the Durham Museum (a three-year restoration) 
  • Exterior rehab of Omaha’s Historic Central High School 
  • Exterior rehab of the Ashton Building in Downtown Omaha

By having the expertise and experience, our skilled craftsmen will not only get the project completed with utmost quality, but will also be efficient and provide minimal downtime for your commercial building. Take a look around and you’ll come across many masonry buildings because they are easiest to maintain – but only if built correctly. Any remodeling requires the touch of a professional who understands the design and installs the new repairs in the best way possible. When they implement the design correctly, the structure can last for years or even decades without much maintenance. 

With more than 35 years in the industry and a combined 100+ years of experience, we are the premier commercial historic preservation company in Omaha. Plus, we’ve completed numerous historical tax credit projects and can help assist when applying for funds with the national historical society. And when you hire a professional with appropriate permits, there is a guarantee of a certain quality of work and standard.

McGill Restoration has been involved in some of the largest historical building restorations in Omaha, like:

We have offices in Omaha, Nebraska; Lincoln, Nebraska; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Central Nebraska; and the Tulsa Metropolitan Area.

We work with clients large and small to help them extend the life of their structures safely and efficiently. We’ll design a solution that fits the need of your business. As of 2021, the average project at McGill Restoration costs $150,000.

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