Giving Back to Our Communities

Giving Back to Our Communities

How and Why McGill Restoration Supports Giving Back to Local Communities

At McGill Restoration, we wear our core values on our sleeves. Being present and engaged with the communities where we live and do business is important for every person on our staff. It’s key to our company culture. Many of our people are passionate about giving back to various causes, and we work together to support them, their nonprofit organizations, and several local charities that align with our values.

Why We Embrace Giving Back

McGill Restoration has always been involved in give-back efforts as a company and many of our staff members make personal efforts as well to support local. As we grow, our ability to work with local charities and have a bigger impact increases, and we are proud to scale our giving and volunteer hours alongside the business.

We care about the communities where we do business and enjoy being involved with local nonprofits and other organizations making a difference. We have a heavy presence in Nebraska-based charities and are looking to mirror our growth to support folks in Oklahoma, Iowa, and the other new markets we will expand to serve.

Local Nonprofits, Organizations, and Causes We Love

We have long-standing relationships with several nonprofit organizations and plan to continue fostering those relationships. They are impactful and rewarding, and our involvement ranges from financial contributions for things like event sponsorships or school supplies to in-person volunteer hours. We also have members of leadership and staff who sit on a variety of local and regional nonprofit and community-oriented boards.

A few of our favorite charities and focus areas to support include:

We focus on local organizations and frequently work with schools, churches, universities, and other organizations that are central to the communities where we live and work. 

We also care about the things our employees are passionate about. Supporting their sports leagues and organizations is always a priority and we are happy to put the McGill Restoration name behind our people and their families.

In the Moment Community Support

A significant portion of our giving is planned so resources can be allocated appropriately. In some cases, however, the community needs help problem-solving in real-time. For example, when the pandemic hit, our local hospital systems were struggling to obtain PPE.

We made a big effort to source KN95 respirators and masks on a large scale. The campaign kicked off with a $50,000 GoFundMe donation from McGill Restoration and ultimately raised $107,465 from other local businesses and individuals. The money raised was used to obtain 163,200 masks with a majority of those being delivered to local hospitals in Nebraska.

When our communities are in need, the entire McGill Restoration team comes together and works hard to deliver support. Learn more about our community commitment.

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