Meet Our Team - McGill Restoration
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Meet Our Team

Tim McGill
Timothy F. McGill, Owner and President

Tim McGill is the Owner and President of McGill Restoration. Tim oversees the executive team and works closely with the operations team to execute the goals of his organization. In 2014, Tim became President and Owner of McGill Restoration.

Tim began his career with McGill Restoration as a laborer while a student at Omaha Westside High School in 1994.  After completing high school, Tim attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he played football and obtained his bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering in 2001.  While at UNO, Tim managed McGill Restorations’ field operations.  Tim specializes in concrete repair and specialty coating systems with a primary focus on the repair, strengthening and protection of parking structures, stadiums, bridges and other infrastructure.

Ben Russell
Ben Russell – Vice President Operations

Ben Russell is the Vice President of Operations. He oversees the entire operations team from superintendents to field workers. Ben has been with McGill since 2009.

Darin Cielocha
Darin Cielocha – Vice President Business Development

Darin Cielocha is the Vice President of Business Development. He works with facility owners, design professionals and other contractors to develop future business opportunities for McGill Restoration. Darin has been with McGill since 2013.

Blake Berke (1)
Blake Berke-Chief Financial Officer

Blake Berke is the Chief Financial Officer of McGill Restoration. He manages the organizations accounting, budgeting and financial strategies. Blake has been with McGill since 2015.

Stefanie Phelps (1)
Stefanie Phelps– Human Resources Manager

Stefanie is the Human Resources Manager at McGill Restoration. She oversees recruiting, hiring and onboarding, compliance, employee relations, and benefits.  Stefanie has been with McGill Restoration since 2018.

Matt Buol-Ferg (3)
Matt Buol-Ferg – Lead Estimator/Project Manager

Matt is the Lead Estimator and Project Manager at McGill Restoration. Matt coordinates projects amongst other estimators and focuses on managing infrastructure projects. Matt has been with McGill since 2016.

James Bouckaert (1)
James Bouckaert – Estimator/Project Manager

James Bouckaert is an estimator and project manager at McGill Restoration. James provides hands on structural assessments focusing primarily in historical restoration, masonry, and parking structures. James has been with McGill since 2013.

Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson – Estimator/Project Manager

Josh Jackson is an estimator and project manager at McGill Restoration. He began his career at McGill as an intern and moved into the estimator and project manager position. Josh focuses on managing McGill’s parking structure and stadium projects. Josh has been with McGill since 2018.

Nate Leinweber (3)
Nate Leinweber – Superintendent

Nate Leinweber is a superintendent at McGill Restoration. Nate coordinates manpower and logistics for the field operations. Nate has been with McGill since 2010.

Dennis Rice
Dennis Rice – Superintendent/Branch Manager of Lincoln

Dennis Rice is the Branch Manager and Superintendent for our Lincoln location. Dennis’ role includes overseeing our Lincoln location and developing foremen. Dennis has been with McGill since 2014.

Joe Gasper
Joe Gasper – Shop Manager (Lincoln)

Joe Gasper is the Lincoln shop manager. Joe oversees the inventory management, deliveries and ordering of supplies for our Lincoln Location. Joe has been with McGill Restoration since 2016.

Nate Lilienthal (2)
Nate Lilienthal – Shop Manager (Omaha)

Nate Lilienthal is the Omaha shop manager of McGill Restoration. Nate plans logistical of deliveries, ordering small tools and equipment and manages inventory for our Omaha facility. Nate has been with McGill since 2010.

Mary Killian (2)
Mary Killian – Administrative Assistant

Mary Killian is the Executive Assistant at McGill Restoration. She assists with communication and social media, event coordination, and keeping everyone organized. Mary has been with McGill since 2017.

Laura Walmsley (1)
Laura Walmsley – Accountant

Laura is the Accountant at McGill Restoration. Laura manages both accounts payable and receivable, as well as employee payroll. Laura has been with McGill since 2016.

Jeff McGill (1)
Jeff McGill- Interim Safety Director and DOT Compliance Officer

Jeff is the Safety director and DOT compliance officer at McGill Restoration. Jeff focuses on safety and evaluates job sites and facilities to assess risk compliance per DOT and OSHA standards. Jeff has been with McGill since 2018.

Jodie Haferbier McGill
Jodie Haferbier McGill- Corporate Counsel

Jodie is an attorney licensed to practice in Nebraska and Iowa. Her vast legal knowledge assists the organization in tax work, labor laws and intellectual property. Jodie ensures McGill Restoration acts in accordance with the law, compliance, and best practices within our industry.