Structural damage in the parking facility: 4 signs you need to look out for

A parking facility can often seem like a piece of property that runs itself. After all, there isn’t much activity that the structure itself takes part in. Cars come and go along with the employees and patrons. But in between all that regular activity, parking facilities can suffer some major damages over time. These damages can start small, but over time they can become bigger and far more costly. Luckily, there are four signs to look out for that’ll keep your facility in the best shape possible.

Water Leakage

Water damage is one of the top complaints when professionals are called in to handle parking garage restoration. And it doesn’t only take a giant flood to cause real damage. Over time sewer systems and regular rainfall can cause deterioration and damage.

How to Spot a Water Leak

When you’re trying to spot a water leak in the foundation of a parking facility, some places to look would be the asphalt and the concrete. These two elements are the biggest materials in the parking facility and when concrete or asphalt begins to crack, that’s a surefire sign that water damage is taking place. Unfortunately, cracks begin to act like entryways for not just water to get in, but also car chemicals, UV rays, and more.
Always be sure to look out for and check:


When these issues are ignored or left without repair for a long period, the problems will only grow larger and lead to greater parking garage repair over time. One way to help prevent these leaks is with Parking Garage Waterproofing.

Expansion Joint Failure

The next sign to look out for when it comes to parking facility structural damage is something called expansion joint failure. What this means is that the expansion joints of the facility are beginning to cave under the pressure being placed by vibrations and movement from the cracks in the bellows.
How to spot expansion joint failure

One of the best ways to spot expansion joint failure before it becomes a problem, and you need something like heavy parking garage concrete repair, is simply looking for any cracking or cracks in surfaces. Always be sure to once again check the walls and ceilings for any irregularities in shape. If left unresolved, they can lead to major structural damage.

Spalled and Cracked Concrete

We mentioned this briefly before when avoiding water damage, but one natural occurrence when it comes to needing parking structure repair is spalled and cracked concrete. This damage can happen over time as the concrete naturally wears down. Spalling isn’t a term many are familiar with and it can look like raised pieces of concrete. When it spalls, it takes away from the smoothness of the concrete and almost resembles an attached rock.
The most common area for cracks or spalled concrete is where it’s exposed to the sun or met with constant activity such as cars being driven over it daily. If left unresolved, the concrete can further deteriorate, leading to sinking holes, and allowing water inside the concrete. Fixing damaged concrete and keeping on top of regular maintenance will always lead to better parking garage safety.

Rebar Exposure

Rebar exposure is when a pipe or interior component to a structure begins to show through the concrete. Typically this looks like a piece of wall or ceiling is missing and exposing what’s underneath. This type of damage can occur almost anywhere in the structure and can lead to a big bill associated with parking structure restoration.

Keeping up with the concrete repairs, avoiding leaks and joint failure can all help minimize rebar exposure. If left unfixed, the material the concrete is supposed to protect will eventually fail and begin to have damage as well.

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