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Top Project Tuesdays: These exciting commercial restoration projects highlight our dedication to community values.


Check out some of our favorite Top Project Tuesdays (TPTs) that have been featured throughout the year. We highlight commercial restoration projects through case studies, blog posts and social sharing. In this roundup, we are bringing them all together to shine a light on the great work performed by our talented crews. Enjoy browsing some of the projects that made the most waves this year!

What are Top Project Tuesdays Anyways?

Every Tuesday, we highlight exciting projects completed by the McGill Restoration team. You can stay in the loop and follow our most recent work on Linkedin

Our crews are busy on projects throughout the entire year and we are always happy to serve our communities. In fact, we were recently featured in the Greater Omaha Business Excellence Awards for community service.

Blake Berke, COO says:

The McGill Restoration team shows up and gets their hands dirty on volunteer-based projects. Serving their staff and neighbors is foundational in their approach to doing business and giving back.

Community service is fundamental and many of the projects tackled by our crews ultimately serve to revitalize and showcase the fantastic structures in Nebraska and the greater Midwest. Keep reading to see a few of our favorite projects!

Highlighting Top Projects from McGill Restoration


Parking Garages

Brandeis Parking Garage – With eight levels and 700+ stalls, our crews were tasked with a large-scale restoration project. We worked across multiple seasons, including the winter months to complete more than 3,000 sq/ft of vertical and overhead repairs. 400,000 sq/ft of acrylic coating was applied and more than 12,000 sq/ft of horizontal repairs were completed. The project was a huge success and we are proud of the work done by every crew member. Read the full case study.

NE Cornhusker Marriott Parking Garage – Damage caused by a vehicle accident on a top deck-bearing wall called for a review by professional engineers. We maintain great relationships with local PEs and managed to have an engineer on-site within an hour to evaluate the wall. A 60LF deck-bearing section needed repairs and we mobilized a crew the same day to mitigate hazards with DOT-compliant barriers. We installed a temporary deck-bearing wall and reopened the garage the same day. After developing a full repair plan alongside engineers, our crews returned to install new reinforced steel and poured a new wall.

Choctaw Nation Parking Garage – At McGill Restoration, we have pioneered strategies to work on open facilities. In Durant, Oklahoma, this garage remained open while we demolished and removed concrete, realigned existing rebar and poured 26 feet of new concrete barrier wall. We broke the project into two segments, making it possible to isolate the work zone while keeping lanes open for traffic.


Bridges and Infrastructure

Railway Waterproofing – Waterproofing an active rail bridge (in a rural area) is logistically challenging. On this project, our team worked closely with crane operators and the general contractor to install 8,200 sq/ft of integrated ballast mat waterproofing to construct a durable and reliable deck.

Highway 75 – Nebraska winters are tough on roadways and sealants are critical to protect the driving surface against salt and ice. Nobody likes potholes and the McGill Restoration crews applied 100,000 sq/ft of penetrating concrete sealant and 24,000 sq/ft of hot liquid membrane to protect a Highway 75 bridge in Omaha. Completed in three phases, the bridge is ready to endure another round of harsh conditions without forming potholes.


Infrastructure and Masonry

ConAgra – Building #9 was slated for extensive masonry restoration and ConAgra utilized our team after successful past projects. All vertical control joints, rowlock joints and window joints required new sealants. We also completed repairs as needed with tuckpointing, brick replacement and washing throughout the entire job. With strategic scaffolding placements and rolling towers, our crews replaced 17,000 lineal feet of joint sealants, completed 10,000 lineal feet of tuckpointing repairs and replaced 1,200 bricks.

Chadron Water Tank – East of Chadron, NE, a water tank spent 50 years sitting on top of a hill. Constant exposure to the elements caused significant wear and deterioration. Our team overhauled the tank with full blasting and coating renewals. We also removed an existing shell manway and replaced it with a new, hinged shell manway along with a secondary hinged shell manway. Roof vent removal and replacement, new ladder installation and fresh paint with the Chadron High School and State College logos rounded out the project. The water tank is now a fresh and vibrant landmark on the hill.

Poncan Theatre – In Ponca City, OK, this historical theatre is an important landmark that hosts plays, movies and special events. The building required 90 brick replacements but sourcing matching bricks from the historical period was nearly impossible. McGill Restoration used a press to make bricks in the matching style and installed them to protect the structural integrity of the building. Read the full case study.

Friend Nebraska Historical Society – Ongoing projects are increasingly common as we prove value and dedication to our partners. Over the years, we have worked hard to update and repair damage/deterioration, address structural issues and guide grant funding. We have rehabbed the exterior north and west elevations of the Warren Opera House, relayed parapet walls on both elevations and more. 

Douglas County Hall of Justice – This wonderful structure was overdue for renewal and our team came together to complete a variety of tasks. We installed a new skywalk, used lightweight, self-leveling concrete to re-level floors and completed architectural sandblasting and masonry restoration. After working through each phase of the project, the building is looking great!


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