I-480 & Hwy 75 Interchange


The 1-480 & Highway 75 interchange is a major traffic artery that needed some serious surgery. This particular stretch connects downtown Omaha into Council Bluffs and I-29.


Structural concrete repairs to an active interstate system are never easy. But this project was uniquely difficult because the high-traffic area required the polymer concrete patching and waterproofing to be done in phases in order to minimize the impact to traffic.


Knowing we couldn’t shut down traffic lanes to accommodate our project, we operated during the night and completed work in phases. This allowed for traffic to have full access to all lanes during the day. Plus, we built large containment areas to protect the public.


Omaha, NE


Government, Transportation

Project Range

$10M – $12M

Services Delivered

  • Polymer concrete patching
  • Structural concrete repairs
  • Lead abatement
  • Structural steel protective coating application
  • Concrete protective coatings
  • Concrete surface preparation (shot blasting)
  • Polyurea waterproofing system
  • High-friction surface treatment installation

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